Yoga Philosophy – A Peaceful World

Yoga is not an ordinary exercise. It is an ancient art and has a complete philosophy behind it. The history of yoga goes back to 2,000 years. Yoga is about the union and going back to true self of a person. It says that state of bliss is the true self. The inner happiness is what yoga offers to its practitioners.

The old scripts of yoga are in Sanskrit language, which are translated in English. According to them yoga stops the fluctuation of psyche and brings the inner peace in human life. These historic scripts describe the two basic parts of yoga, namely hatha yoga and Raja yoga. Both types of yoga help the human to control his mind. Different “asana” were created to get stability during yoga.

During meditation one stabilizes its body, which leads to stabilization of mind. Another important thing in yoga practice is the stability of breath. Stability of breath leads to the stability of mind and that is very important for a complete personality. To control the ego, is another important aspect of yoga. By practicing yoga one understand the different between conscious and supreme conscious.

The yoga philosophy says that all the yoga practices leads to the self-realization, which leads to peace and happiness within an individual. Once a yoga practitioner achieves this stage, he becomes ready to radiate peace and happiness to its surroundings.

The yoga philosophy says that our mind faces three kids of problems. One is the mala or in other words, waste thoughts and emotions. Other is instability of thoughts and the last one is the cover, which don’t allow us to face the truth. By practicing, one can overcome all of these problems and can create inner peace in his personality. Not only a person will be at peace, but he will share this peace and stability with the people around him and with the world at large.