Best Earbuds Under 100 – Some New Entries

Earbuds have evolved a lot. Instead of large and heavy headphones, now a day we have small phones, which are light in weight and produce good quality sound. Many big names ruled the industry for long, but now a day we can find some new names which are producing good products. Here we are discussing best earbuds under 100, which are manufactured by new companies.

  • Mixcder ANC – G5

This is a new brand, which is making its place in sound industry. It is producing quality audio products in affordable price and that is the reason they are here in our best earbuds under 100 list. The most important quality of these earbuds is the noise cancellation, and the housing is also very attractive. you will get earbuds, charging cable, and two extra ear tips is the box. A zipper pouch is also included in the package. Indicator lights for power and mic are also a plus.

  • Bose Sound True in – Ear headphones

Bose is another new brand, which is producing reliable sound products. They are not very high end products, but they offer good quality for your money. you can get these earbuds in different colors like white, ice blue and indigo.

  • Trinity Delta

This audio engineering company is making nice products and they offer them for very cheap price. The important feature is the presence of three tuning filters, namely, fun, smooth and vivid. This special feature adds it to our best earbuds under 100 list. Users can switch between these filters according to their choice. You will get hard case, extra ear tips, shirt clip, headphone adapter and tuning filters in the box. Price is very important factor for the quality of the products, but these products are simply great in the low price. You can buy them online or in local stores and enjoy some great sounds.