A Success Story called Impatto Fiat Ad Campaign

If you are a proud owner of a Fiat 500, you must be aware of the historic TV commercial made by Impatto that signaled the re-entry of Fiat into America. Fiat chose its most popular model Fiat 500 when making a compact in the year 2011. Not many people know that Impatto Fiat ad campaign played a crucial role in cementing the place of Fiat cars in America. The company was a little anxious making a comeback as many owners had complained about the performance of the car earlier. This is the reason why Fiat wanted to leave no stone unturned to convince the people about the power and performance of its cars.


Impatto found a clver way to appeal to the hearts of the Americans

Impatto realized that it had a big responsibility upon its shoulders. Fiat 500, even though it was being projected as a car of the future had to rely upon the cultural icon of America to draw its sense of style. The retro looks of the car helped Impatto in establishing a connection of this popular car from Fiat with legendary singer Elvis Presley. Audience heard a voiceover that told them how every once in a while something so powerful in concept and revolutionary in design arrives. It was an effort from Impatto Fiat in a way to tell the people that Fiat 500 was something as special as Elvis Presley.


This TV commercial became a high hit in America and it encouraged thousands of people to buy Fiat 500 car. Fiat was happy with the effort put in by Impatto to popularize its car in America. It was the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between Fiat and Impatto that has continued till date. Fiat is today one of the leading car sellers in the country.

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